Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Unexpected Gains.....

Last night I spent the usual 10 minutes struggling to get my Mom to agree to let me test her blood sugar after dinner so I could give her her insulin.  When she finally agreed, the result was higher than I expected.

"371!  Holy cow, Mom!  What were you eating all day?!?!?"

"371?  That can't be right! Let me look at that!" (She looks at it, the tiny little hand-held screen.)  "There is something wrong with that machine.  Why, that means I've gained over a hundred pounds today!"

Brief pause.

Babygirl and I started laughing so hard our bellies were still sore this morning.  It took WAY over a minute before I could gasp, "MOM!  It's a glucose machine, not a SCALE!"

It took HER way over a minute to register why we were laughing.

Ah, life at Dementia Central.


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