Friday, August 14, 2015


For the last six months our lives have been all about the physical de-crapification of our house.  Buy a shed to store the tools that clutter the yard we are covering with a deck.  Empty the kitchen to put in new cabinets. Ditto the bathroom. Clear every unused room to create a Bed-and-Breakfast atmosphere for the wedding. Clean the spare fridge and get it running. Tent, and then UNtent, the yard.  Party set up, party clean up, and restock the utterly depleted pantry.  Clean the spare fridge and shut it down.  Keep track of the finances of the whole enormous project.

Week after week I've watched appallingly large amounts of yard waste, trash and recycling hit the curb.  We've returned about $100 worth of cans and bottles at a nickel apiece. 

We are finally, for the first time in months, back to transplant-standard clean in every room in the house (our bedroom was the final holdout.  I don't want to talk about it. There cannot possible be that much dog fur loose in the universe).

The de-crapification of my heart and soul may take more time and energy than this.  The overwhelming beauty and joy of a wedding crowned a summer laden with loss and grief deferred.  Sorting through it all, finally feeling it all, and letting the healing start is the work of this last quiet month of summer.


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