Monday, September 7, 2015


I've been in weddings, as bridesmaid, but the last time was probably close to thirty years ago.  If there was a rehearsal dinner I don't recall, honestly.  What I DO recall about that wedding was rear-ending another car on the way home because I was so sleep-deprived during my pediatrics rotation (but I digress.  No injuries, no car damage, no delay, it was all good, right? Right).

Citygirl's rehearsal dinner was held at the museum where the wedding and reception were held, using the same room Make A Wish used to reveal Babygirls's Paris trip.  Citygirl's minions had made it lovely - flowers, table runners, atmosphere - lovely. There were seats for exactly all those expected.  The museum's courtyard was all set up for the big event, and could be seen from the windows. 

They had a caterer, a local Pakistani restaurant to honor Citygirl's heritage on her dad's side.  Her Auntie in Pakistan had gotten Citygirl's and her Beloved's measurements and had lovely traditional Pakistani clothing made for the event.  The rehearsal went was looking to go well, and then....

People just started to show up.  Those who did had reasons to be there, some of which even had something to do with rehearsing for the wedding, but....suddenly seating was, well, off.  And the caterer somehow forgot he was in America and started running on Pakistani time (I know. I lived there for a while. If an invite said "7 PM" for the love of ALL that is holy do NOT come before 8:30 or your hosts will still be showering and the servants will not know what to do with you!).  The resultant chaos went unnoticed by the majority of the guests.  And who knew my Ex could be so gracious a host?  Kudos to him, and a Boo/Hiss to what was our favorite restaurant!

After the rehearsal dinner there was a cocktail 'hour' (or three) at the hotel where most of the guests were staying.  It was very lively, but I have to say that all I consumed was about 10 glasses of ice water.  It was fun watching the crowd of Citygirl's high school friends act like they've always acted together:  High spirited, happy, and loving.  It was wonderful seeing them blend in with new family and old, welcoming all.  Citygirl and her Beloved have between them a solid base to build on.


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