Friday, June 3, 2016

A Day at the Beach.....

Sometimes you just have to call it a day after a million doctors' visits.  We are 90 minutes from the Jersey shore here, and despite a less-than-stellar shore weather report, we decided that today was a good day to play hooky, and instead of coming straight home, we loaded up a cousin and went to the beach.

The temperature was 68 degrees, and the sun, nowhere to be seen.  

It didn't stop people from being out and about, and it didn't stop the beach from being the beach.

We managed to keep my flip-flops from floating off to Florida. The sweatshirt did eventually come off and swimming did finally happen. 

And we ate good food!

(And, to be honest, some bad food - one cannot be on a boardwalk for six hours without eating a few fried goodies LOL.)

We had our hair styled bye the salt wind. (Mine never quite comes out this well.)

And we found peace.



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