Thursday, July 6, 2017

Enjoying the Journey....

Since trips to the doctor are an inevitible part of our lives, we try to keep it interesting when possible. The quarterly trip fell near to Independence day, and the annual picnic and parade with the family, so I scheduled off for the 5th as well as the 6th and took a three day "weekend" in the middle of the week. 

The picnic and parade in Glenside were amazing, as always.  Bolivian dancers and wine.  Who could ask for more?

The next day we took my neice back to The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.  Famous for art and architecture, it has some very interesting art installations.  This one was apparently by Wile E. Coyote.

My neice's school ID entitled her to two free passes at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, so we went. They were having difficulty with their credit card reader, so they let the rest of us in for free as well!  


We returned to Philly to enjoy dinner and a campfire with Uncle Ricky.  He'd never had a s'more, and we had to teach him what to do with the marshmallows.....

Closer, dude.

Today we went to CHOP in the early AM. I was a bad mommy and completely forgot to have any blood work done, so we'll have it done on Saturday.  We DID have labs done locally six weeks ago, so we thought we'd talk about that, but for some reason THOSE had never arrived at CHOP, so they are going to track those down and call us later.  She is otherwise doing well.

After CHOP, we had several hours to kill before we had to leave for Nemours.  I had randomly picked up $2 off coupons for the Liberty Museum (never heard of it) in the Philadelphia Historic District, so I looked it up online and we decided to go.  We walk half a mile to the subway, take the train for 10 minutes and, voila, we are there.  $2 off the price of admission meant that our total charge (for BOTH of us) was $5, the best deal ever no matter how good or bad the place might be, but I have to say it was a completely wonderful little museum.  It was themed around the concept that individuals are what make liberty possible.  There was a movie about the Congressional Medal of Honor, areas dedicated to women's rights, important religious figures, Nobel prize winners and ordinary people of extraordinary courage (individuals who hid Jewish families during the Holocaust, for example).  The displays were interactive and gripping.  They used original art and humor in many ways throughout to promote personal responsibility and peace:

"Truce: Rock, Scissors, Paper"

Lunch at The Bourse, a carriage ride through history, train/walk back to CHOP, and now we are at Nemours waiting for doctor #2.  After this we drive home, and we'll have earned our dinner at Perkins since we hit 10,000 steps on our FitBits a while ago.


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