Friday, December 20, 2013

Year Three, Week Thirty-nine - Exhausted.....

It hasn't been the best week.  Babygirl made it to school only one day.  Headaches for two days, and now bellyaches for two days.  She's otherwise okay but she looks punkie.

And not so great for me, either.  Sunday evening I had a headache so severe I couldn't even move away from the TV room.  Babygirl brought me medicine.  I was up and down all night, as was she.  And in the morning my head still hurt and I was hung-over from the meds, so I called in. 

Playing catch-up after a sick day is never fun.  And the week just kept rolling bad.  Both my partners have crises in progress, and today I was the only provider in the building who knew anything about the patients (we have a pair of brand-new nurse practitioners on loan.  Our complex patients are stretching them to the max and they need me to be able to help them - while I'm seeing patients and writing prescriptions, evaluating three providers worth of lab and x-ray reports, and putting out fires of every kind). 

Administration has taken some fairly bold steps to make sure I'm not utterly overwhelmed for more than a few days.  Add a couple of holiday short weeks - which may increase rather than decrease the pressure - lord.

I can barely move. 


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