Sunday, May 4, 2014

One in a Thousand......

I saw my family doctor Thursday morning.  He's not happy about the headaches and wants them controlled (not that I disagree, but I'm doing all I can from this end!).  Everything else except the fifteen pounds I added because of the gabapentin seems okay to him, pending blood work results, of course. 

Because Babygirl is not immune to the chicken pox despite two vaccinations, the transplant team has asked Hubby and me to get shingles shots, so I asked for one, and told him that the team had told me to simply cover any resulting rash (live vaccines.  Sometimes they imitate disease.).

He laughed and said, "What, that's like one in a thousand, right?" 

Yup.  One in a thousand. 

Guess what I have? 

I'll be walking into a clinic full of transplant patients with a silver-dollar-sized patch of blisters on the back of my arm, all oozing varicella virus.  Long sleeves and a gauze wrap should keep it all safe, but JEEZ, really?


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