Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Warriors.....

Babygirl's intended move to the third floor is a work in progress.  Cleaning out the equivalent of a frat house's worth of junk was only the first step. 

The room needs paint.  The flooring is painted, splintering plywood, certainly not cleanable to post-transplant standards.  The closet doors have never fit correctly, a product of a learn-as-you-go DIY project. 

A trip to Ollie's yielded a massive red rug.  Since I'd already told Babygirl that I am never, ever, ever painting another room red, we headed to Home Depot to look at paint colors.  "White.  Not necessarily Zombie Apocalypse White, but one light color." We snagged a handful of chips, ran out to the truck to compare them to the rug, and settled on a color called "Natural Gray."  It's a big room, so five gallons and some paint supplies later (oh, and all the plants we need for the veggie garden), we were on out way home.  Babygirl and I got one of the dormers done by bedtime.  Did I mention that this was AFTER our pricey dinner at The Dog?

Saturday is cleaning and grocery day.  It was going to be plant-the-garden day, but the rain was a bit to heavy.  But a cool, rainy day is a very good painting day in a third-floor room.  The center of the room is`14' x 20', with two 8' x 12' dormers and two large closets.  The walls are mostly four feet tall and blend upwards into the ceiling.  The only flat part of the ceiling is 4' x 8', so it is most sensible to consider the walls a ceiling all of one piece.  It's a LOT of painting.  Fit in general life.

Sunday was a horrible headache day for Babygirl.  I went to church without her, and when Hubby came home he and I tackled the garden.  It was cold - we put on our jackets and started digging.  And took them off when the sun suddenly baked us.  And back on when it started to rain.  And hoods up when the hail hit.  Amazingly enough, we  finished.  And the garden looks fantastic.  

And.......back to painting.  While we were finishing it up, Hubby and I spent some time chatting about floor options.  Today he made another run to the visit the Orange Apron guys, and he came back with the next layer of stuff to put down so we can put down something we can clean.  We have 20 4' x 8' sheets of this stuff.  Hubby got it into the house so the ongoing schizophrenic weather wouldn't get it, but Babygirl and I have been hiking it up two flights of stairs one sheet at a time.  We have two left - our strategy has been to move one during each commercial set during Warehouse 13's season finale.  We have two to go.  I guarantee they are the heaviest ones.

The good news is that all this work has brought my blood sugar down.


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