Thursday, July 24, 2014

Recovering From a Good Time.....

Contrary to all appearances here on the blog, we did not perish during our vacation.  The trip was delightful, the truck reliable, the weather (for the most part) cooperative and the hurricane was a non-event for us. 

I discovered soon after we left that I had left my computer charger behind.  After a few moments of mourning, I decided that it was, actually, a gift from God.  Oh, I checked in on Facebook on my iPod once in a while, posting a picture or three along the way, but typing a blog entry from the iPod is enough of a pain that I released myself from the obligation.  It was a nice break, actually.

We successfully met up with the church's mission team in Virginia to serve a week for the Appalachia Service Project ( and came home on schedule.  My next few posts will share moments from both our personal trip and the team's adventures. 

I am, however, increasingly amazed by how long it takes to recover from a good time.


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