Sunday, June 29, 2014


Prepping for a vacation can be exhausting.  We haven't been camping since Babygirl became ill, and our tent was destroyed in the big storm right around that time.  I bought a new one at an end-of-the-summer sale in 2011 and it is still in the box.  We discovered that our camp stove and toolbox were missing while we were trying to sort things out last weekend, made some phone calls and had them returned after what appears to have been a two-year loan-out.  Shopping.  Packing.  Ordering medications ahead so there would be enough for a three week trip. Calling to check on the medications.  RE-ordering.  Finding someone to stay with Mom.  Finding someone to do personal care for Mom.  Sorting Mom's medication for a month.  And mine.  And Babygirl's.  LOAD UP!!!

We arrived in Philly about 10 on Friday, had drinks with my sis-in-law and caught up with the niece and nephew.  We planned on leaving 'whenever' on Saturday, which actually turned out to be a fairly decent 7:30 AM.  The plan?  To be in Williamsburg early enough to set up camp and make dinner. 

To say we took the long way would not be an exaggeration. To say that it took me a while to get out of "Hurry up and get there" mode and get into "Relax, you're on vacation" mode would surprise no one.  Babygirl had a headache and was too ill to eat lunch.  But a car nap and a couple of hours later she was up for a two and a half hour self-guided tour of Washington's birthplace on the Potomac.  We hiked, explored a reproduction of his home, and imagined him as a child playing along the banks of Pope's Creek.  We then drove through tidewater Virginia and landed here in Williamsburg about 6.

Our reserved campsite was the only one remaining in an area completely overrun by a very noisy family reunion.  God bless our camp host, Teddy, who found us a peaceful site in this very full campground.  Tent out of the box.  Easy set up.  Babygirl learned how to put cots together and we figured out a floor plan that fit the three of us in and still allowed us to reach the door unimpeded.  This involve me on my back on the floor lifting cots over my head to make them fit up against the walls LOL.  Babygirl an I were drenched in sweat when we were done with this, and hubby had dinner ready.  A dip in the pool, a campfire, some Jiffy Pop - heaven.

Today's plan is to go and tour Colonial Williamsburg.  Our campground sells discounted tickets, so yippee!

The only downside is that I had forgotten just how much fun it is to hike to the bathroom in the middle of the night.


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