Thursday, September 18, 2014

Headache Progress...

Babygirl started a run of high-dose steroids with a taper on Saturday. By Sunday she was feeling very well, and Monday and Tuesday she caught up on things at school.  The missed days at school gave her advisor an idea of why I was so proactive with her the first week.  She has eliminated one of Babygirl's unwanted elective classes to give her a daily study hall at the end of the day.  Her math teacher is meeting with her at lunchtime to help her.  Things appear to be progressing there.

Less encouraging was the headache that she had on Wednesday, while still on the steroid taper.  I took her for her routine kidney blood work on Monday morning, and when the nurse called me with the results in the afternoon, I asked about whether or not she had heard from neurology about the need for a medication change.  She checked the chart and told me there was no message from Neuro. 

I called Neurology on Monday and spoke to the receptionist. I told her that I wanted to speak to someone about: 1) The fact that they said they were going to phone in medications and didn't, and 2) They didn't call me to tell me that they weren't going to do it.  After some back-and-forth, and my usual "Look, I know you aren't the person responsible or at fault but I'd like to talk to THAT person" she informed me (politely and without a trace of malice) that no one was likely responsible or at fault.  After all, I had called Friday at nearly 1 PM and they had returned my call on the same day!  Calls that late frequently aren't returned until Monday!

I don't know about you, but when your kid is suffering, and someone tells you something like that, what you hear is:  "We don't give a flying rats arse about what you and your kid are going through on a Friday. Next time pick a better day for her to get sick, you moron."

At this point I asked for her name, and asked to speak to her manager.  The manager was 'in a meeting' so I left a message for him/her to please call me.  It's Thursday morning now and I've heard nothing.  Oh, and I've heard nothing from Neurology about what they plan to do for Babygirl's headaches.  I left a message with Nephrology late yesterday to let me know if Neuro has gotten around to chatting with them yet.

So, to sum up:  Out of 12 days of school so far, Babygirl has missed four, roughly par for the course for her compared to last year.  Yippee. I have some more phone calls to make.


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