Monday, September 29, 2014


Babygirl hasn't been the only one with struggles.  Hubby's had back problems for years.  He's always been a hard worker, and always worked hard jobs.  Last year when he had his appendicitis, the emergency room doctor asked him, "What do you take for your back problems?"  It seemed like an odd question for a guy groaning on a gurney with a bellyache, but apparently the CT scan note not only his diseased appendix, but the severe arthritis in his spine. 

From then until early this past summer the back pain went from bearable to intolerable.  A visit to the family doc resulted in a visit to a neurosurgeon.  His news was less than hopeful.  Hubby does, indeed, need back surgery - someday.  The arthritis is putting pressure on the nerves to his legs, and eventually that pressure will need to be relieved or his legs will weaken.  But that surgery will do nothing to relieve the pain in his back. 

So....Monday evening we returned to the doctor for the first of what will likely be several epidural injections.  It was, from my perspective, a spectacular success.  Hubby walked to the car, sat down and closed the door - without having to manually lift his leg in and then spend a few more minutes struggling to reach the door handle.  He's been able to walk, exercise and work with FAR less pain. 

I don't know how long it will last.  But it's been wonderful to see.


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