Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alien Visions.....

Mom is still in the hospital.  Her UTI is under control.  As predicted, she doesn't remember that she has cancer.  She is still pretty weak, and her blood sugars have been a little crazy, but the plan right now is to discharge her to a nursing home for rehabilitation for a bit to get her able to walk on her own before bringing her home. 

Visiting her each night has put some other stuff on hold, but it is what it is.

Last night Babygirl went with me to visit her. Mom told us all about how she had mistaken the morning phlebotomist for one of her granddaughters, and refused to let her take her blood.  Apparently she was so convinced (and absolutely sure that the rest of the grandkids were there as well) that they had to get the nurses in, and finally get a different phlebotomist since Mom was sure my niece was not competent to draw blood (true that, but she rocks at massage).  While we were there she got a call from a friend, and we listened while Mom explained to her that she had fallen, and that she has a "prostrate infection."  Um, really?  Not only is it actually called a 'prostate,' you don't have one.  I thought we'd die laughing, and we could hear her friend gasping for air on the other end of the line.

Tonight I went alone, and was privy to a conversation about how Curlygirl has an alien, and how she is pretty persistent about alien rights (but she's so stubborn about everything, right?).  Mom herself saw an alien, a short bald thing.  Mom had some trouble with the alien language barrier, and didn't get his name - aliens are private about such things,  you know.  Then she changed the subject to how the frogs are damaging the doors.

All of this was straight-faced matter-of-fact conversation, held while we admired the sunset out the window.  She had a CT of the brain on Friday night, so I know there are no tumors in there, but I'm guessing she's had a small stroke.  Her dad had hallucinations regularly as part of his dementia - there was an Indian in his living room pretty regularly, and a small dog.  No aliens that I recall, though.

I can hardly think of anything that sucks worse than this.


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