Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Forty-six Degrees.....

I walk nearly every day, at least two miles, frequently as much as six.  Cold, snow, rain:  It's all just weather, right? Last winter's bitter cold didn't stop Simon and I from walking, but his arthritis did.  Poor little old fat dog!  He turned 12 this month (bringing back memories of our NayNay nearly fainting from witnessing the miracle of puppy arrival while all of her sisters oohed and ahhed about it LOL).  His idea of a long walk on a great day was about a mile and a half anyway.

Maybelle has been a better walker, and now I am the one who is fat and old LOL. But she is, apparently, a Southern Belle.  She's the first Big Dog I have ever owned, and the first dog I have ever had that I needed to buy a doggie coat for.  Back in January when our exceptionally mild winter snapped from 35 degrees to 10 overnight, she suddenly refused to set paw out of the door to do more than tinkle. So then this happened:

It's a little embarrassing, to be honest.  After all, this is a nearly 80 pound hound dog. Of course, I'm walking in pajama pants in public so I guess I really shouldn't cast any stones.


Yesterday it was forty-six degrees outside, a veritable heat wave for the Northeast in late March.  But it was raining.  REALLY raining.  I don't mind cold.  I don't mind rain.  But I actually DO mind cold rain.  I've never had a smart phone before, but my new phone will tell me the temperature outside, and I do check it, so now I know:  Fifty degrees and raining is NOT cold.  Forty-six degrees and raining IS.  I have a raincoat, purchased several years ago, so it is size Extra Large Fat Lady and it acts as a tent whenever I am standing still and it comes down to almost mid-thigh; but after the first mile when my jammie pants have hit the 'sopping wet' point and are slapping my legs with every step, and those modern well-ventilated walking shoes have let in about three and a half gallons of cold water and I'm wishing I owned vinyl socks, forty-six degrees is too damned cold.

I just thought you would all like to know.


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