Thursday, April 28, 2016

Enjoying Time.....

In a year where the losses multiply and the family just keeps shrinking, finding a way to peace truly matters. Recognizing moments of humor and grace and enjoying them to the very fullest makes enduring grief so much less horrible.  Our ability to walk mindfully in our world:  To see the spring, to hear the wind, to feel the air; these are the gifts we are given daily, if we will receive them.

Letting ourselves belly-laugh about the absurdities of daily life is infinitely healing:

Dinner conversation: 
Babygirl, answering her phone: "I have to go help Curlygirl bring in her groceries. She says she has condoms and stuff and needs help." W.T.....
Curlygirl, yelling through the phone: "It's KLONDIKE BARS!"
Yeah, I can see the confusion....

So this week I've concentrated on all of that: Being present in the moment.  


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