Saturday, April 16, 2016

Money Time....

The 2015 annual financial report is finally in.  Well, to be truthful, it's been if for a while.  It's the giver of the report who's been a little 'out.'

We were fairly typically charitable, had the usual expenses for utilities and whatever.

The house was expensive: Redoing a kitchen, adding a deck and upgrading the final bathroom came at a price.  No surprises there, although when I ran the final numbers I was impressed by how well we managed our budget overall.

But it's the medical stuff that is the true subject of the blog, so here it is:

Babygirl only qualified for Medicare for the first two months of the year, so her premiums were $314.

CHOP bills appear to be pretty cheap, only $876 for the year.  This is enormously deceptive as we are still disputing nearly our $3000 portion of over $20,000 in bills from hospitalizations in March and April.  Once that is settled, anything we pay will show up in the 2016 medical payments.

Prescription co-payments for the three of us came to $3874, averaging $323/month just for medications.  I didn't break down how much of this is just Babygirl.  Keeping that separated is just far to difficult. Keeping my Mom's medications out of it was challenging enough.

Other doctor and dental bills came to $2496.

Medical mileage was only 2,261 miles, worth $565 toward the deduction.

Tolls were $137 and parking another $40.

The grand total?  $8305.  This does not include our insurance premiums, which come out of my paycheck pre-tax.

$692 per month.

We did not qualify for the medical deductible.  Out tax preparer said, "I don't know why you keep trying to do that - you'll never qualify!"  She has a short memory. We got the deduction on our 2012 taxes for Babygirl (and before her time, in 2001 for Curlygirl).

I suspect we'll make it tomorrow.

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