Sunday, May 15, 2016


My brother and sister-in-law came over to meet Larry yesterday.  He was sleeping in the back hall, a spot he chose to avoid the chaos of three small, loud, running toddlers (who, by the way, neither bothered nor impressed him).  My brother looked him over, admired him, and then asked, "Does this dog even HAVE a pulse?"

Larry's pretty laid back.

The first few days with a new pet are always an interesting learning curve.

Larry does not understand stairs.  Like, seriously, not even a little.  On our way home we had to hoik his 80 pound self up and into the the truck each and every time we stopped, and when we finally got home, he looked at us and pretty much said, "No, thanks, I'm good, I'll just sleep here" rather than try to get out one more time.  Every morning when we let him outside he trips over his leash, skids off the end of the deck and flies out into the yard.  It's the fastest we see him move.

Larry is afraid of moving cars.  Since we live in a city and walk on city streets, this is a little challenging.  The first morning he froze or dove into the bushes every time a car went by, and Holy Hannah help us when it was a garbage truck (and remember, now, I have three dogs with me!).  He has decided, after just three days, however, that these vehicles are apparently not intent on killing him, so he now just stops to look and make sure.

Larry is afraid of beach towels.  We got rained on yesterday, and were totally drenched.  I dried off Simon, then Maybelle, and then went for Larry.  That is when I learned that Larry can, indeed, run.  Somewhere in his past someone must have tossed something over his head to restrain him somehow, so if I want to wipe him down I have to start on one side at the back and work forward with a small towel and don't, for heaven's sake, let the thing flap.

Maybelle, who is never snarky, has been snarking at Larry (a growl, a bark, no teeth).  He can't figure out how to get on a couch anyway but he was afraid to be in the same room with her for a bit.  They are working it out.

This is everybody this morning (Maybelle is against my leg, and Larry is in Simon's little bed LOL):

All chillin' with mom. Time for a walk.


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