Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Good Reports All Around....

Babygirl and I left for Philly Sunday afternoon, arriving in time to have dinner with my older brother in a lovely Chinese restaurant.  We laughed over memories of the first time we had ever had Chinese food:  It was a five-star restaurant owned by Danny Kaye in San Francisco. They made my 6'6" brother borrow one of their suit jackets to meet their dress code (picture monkey arms sticking our of short sleeves LOL).  We were with my Aunt Squirrely's family, so we were a party of eleven, seated at one enormous round table with a big lazy Susan in the middle.  The food was amazing, but what was more amazing to me was what we each remembered specifically about the experience.  My brother remembers wishing our parents were a bit more sophisticated, like our Aunt and Uncle.  I remember them being tense with the wait staff about the quality of the rice wine.  I preferred unsophisticated, apparently.

Our visits to the doctors were fine.  Since we had our labs done locally, there were no surprises. We already knew the kidney was doing fine.  There is an odd side effect from one of her headache medications that make her blood too acidic so we need to take more medication to try to help that (up from 5 pills twice a day to 7 of an over-the-counter thing that I literally by by the thousand).  Babygirl tolerated the Botox injections without too much difficulty.

Between appointments we had four hours free, so we walked half a mile to the Indian food kiosk and got lunch, got on the subway, overshot out stop and walked half a mile through downtown Philly to the historic district and took the free walking tour of the US Mint.  It is way cool to watch thousands of fresh pennies running down a conveyor belt!  My phone says we walked 5 1/2 miles.  Babygirl's says we walked 6.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

But....while we were gone, Maybelle took a turn for the worse.  Hubby sent me a text saying she wouldn't eat or drink, and he couldn't get her up to go outside.  He was really upset, and so was I.  Was I going to make it home in time? Was it time to call and make that last visit with the vet?

So after our last appointment we got in the car and came straight home, cruise control on 72 mph, no breaks.  As soon as I came in the door, Maybelle got up off of her 'deathbed' and came to me, tail wagging, with a big doggy smile.  She immediately asked for a walk, and when we got back she at an entire bowl of food and was prancing around like a puppy.  Hubby, while clearly relieved and happy, kept looking at her and saying, "You little S***.  You scared me to death and made me cry and you were just being a BRAT!"  It was completely hilarious in a totally heartrending way:  She knows she is sick and doesn't want me to go away right now.  Don't worry baby, it's three months before I have to go back to Philly.  By then you'll be over the Rainbow Bridge and all better.


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