Thursday, January 5, 2017


Generally speaking, I am a full-fledged grownup.  I am the one who manages Babygirl's medical appointments, medications and day-to-day needs.  I am the one who organizes vacations, family gatherings, big meals. I am the family CFO, paying (or juggling, as needs must) the bills. I am the one who manages the household stock of toilet paper.  You know, The Grownup.

Babygirl needs to see her specialists every three months, and have blood work every six weeks.  Her last appointments were in October.  We saw nephrology first, and then rolled out of Philly to go to Delaware to see the neurologists.  Since I didn't know when we would be following up with neurology, and they are harder to get appointments with, I told nephrology I would give them a jingle when I had more information about when I was coming back.  They gave me orders for blood work in six weeks and I sashayed out the door.

When I flipped the calendar to 2017, I realized two things:  1)  I had failed to take Babygirl for her six week blood work, and 2) I had never scheduled a nephrology appointment to go with the neurology appointment, which is upcoming on a Thursday. 


Adulting is hard sometimes.

Since the nephrology clinic is booked full on the day we are going to Delaware (and the day before AND the day after!), this means that I am going to have to make two separate four-hundred-mile round trips this month to the Philly area. 



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