Monday, January 2, 2017

Start the New Year: Clash of the Titans.....

Yesterday morning, despite a no-alcohol New Year's Eve, I was a little fuzzy in the morning.  We have three dogs, and I let them out in shifts, since Larry really can't focus on getting his business done with Capone's hyperactive intrusions into

Curlygirl and her roomate live in the apartment next door, and they each have a dog.  Capone (well-named little criminal that he is) doesn't want to make friends with Titan (a Pit/Boxer sweetheart) and Opie (a demon-possessed poodle/chihuahua mix), so we have to really watch the back doors to avoid conflict.  To add to this, Titan has been known to slip his collar on occasion and take himself for a stroll.

So when I opened the door to let Larry in, and a biggish Pit Bull hopped in through the door, jumped up on my chest and gave me a Titanic kiss, all I wondered was how the HELL he'd gotten out AGAIN and WHY is wearing a bandana instead of his collar??

I let him into Curlygirl's apartment, and let Larry in our side and put Capone out.

A couple of minutes later....some sleeping section of my brain got a hit of caffeine and thought, "Wait, what?  Titan isn't quite tall enough to kiss my cheek, is he?  And what color was that dog??"

I slipped into Curlygirl's appartment to find THREE dogs happily playing.  Oddly, Opie did not object to the extra Pitty, and Titan never objects to anything.  Yeah, it was a BIG dog, gray, not brown and white.

That explains the bandana vs collar thing.

Curlygirl was asleep on the couch through this entire thing, mind you.  Gray Doggie gave her a good sniff and a tail wag.  Lucky for her he didn't jump up and join her - I'm guessing he was a solid 50 pounds of muscle.

I snagged the bandana and gently led him to the front door, figuring that he could just walk himself back to wherever he came from, right?  As I opened the door, I spotted a neighbor with a leash and collar headed for my back yard (where Capone was raising a mighty ruckus), calling "Blue!  Blue?"  Good name for a gray dog I guess.  She was dogsitting for her son and Blue had snuck out. She was happy to see him, if somewhat puzzled by his indoor visit with us.

Oh. My. Goodness.  Thank God he was a peaceful dog.


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  1. Hilarious!! Glad no people or pups were injured.