Friday, March 24, 2017


Yesterday morning gave an update on the thumb injury.  It didn't quite carry it far enough, apparently.

Each workday since the injury, I've had the same nurse unwind the ACE wrap, pull of the gauze and really LOOK at the boo-boo with me.  Monday - okay, not bad - and a whale of a lot better than the massive Sunday morning swelling that I had before my dose of Godzillamycin.

Tuesday, same.

Wednesday?  That drainage looks a little....yellow.  And what do you think? Is it more red? No?

Thursday I start work late.  So after I did yesterday's post, I got the bandage off.  Hmmm... That's DEFINITELY more red. And more swelling.  And doesn't this area feel a little mushy to you?  So, naturally, since I had a million patients scheduled, I kept working and went to the walk-in after work. (To give me credit, I did call my doc.  He was off work. HIS little girl was home with influenza and a fever.)

The walk in doc heard the story and basically said, "So what do you want ME to do about it?" and sent me to the ER.  The ER called in the troops and had me admitted.  So I've been on IV antibiotics for over 24 hours, and the thumb is looking better. Orthopedics have me in a bigger brace. Infectious disease ordered an MRI and won't let me go home without a second look tomorrow.

MRI with AND without contrast.  Thirty minutes of lying on my back with my broken thumb jacked up in an awkward position while IV fluids continue to fill my bladder.  Yoga practice to the rescue!  I was the longest, noisiest shivasana EVER, but I actually fell asleep for a couple of minutes.


I tell my kids all of the time that intelligent people are NEVER bored.  It's true. But sometimes we ARE at a loss for things to do. I should have grabbed my Sudoku book.


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  1. Been waiting for an update to know you (and the thumb) are okay! Hope you are on the mend!