Friday, March 10, 2017

Stick a Needle...

On Thursdays I take Capone to doggy daycare.  He's just two years old, and a complete lunatic, and he picks fights with the big dogs at the dog park so I can't let him run off steam there. I have a friend who trains dogs and keeps our pups when we are on vacation, and she has 'small dog day' at her place once a week.  Since it's around the corner from my office, I walk him there on my way to work.  Her big fenced yard is perfect for him, and he's exhausted by the end of the day.

Yesterday, just as I was dropping him off, I got something in my eye.  It felt like an eyelash, under the edge of the upper lid, but I just COULDN'T get it out.  It wasn't terrible, but SO annoying.  My next stop was to get a haircut, so I figured sitting still with my eyes closed (and watering!) would wash it out and I'd be fine.


From there I walked to work and asked my partner to see if she could get it out.  She couldn't even see it, and was unable to flip the upper lid inside out to get a good look.  We just don't have the right tools.

The staff cancelled my patients and the nurses set me up with an ophthalmologist.

A couple hours later I was meeting what appeared to be a 19 year old girl with a black ponytail.  She put drops in my eye, flipped the eyelid, scraped off some 'debris', yanked a couple of eyelashes and sent me home with $25 eye drops.  It will be interesting to see the bill for that.

This morning I am off work to finally repair the root canal that caused all the trouble last summer.

The really sad part of all this?

My computer at work has been acting up, fading out as often as twice per patient.  Yes, IT has looked at it. Yes, they replaced it with a new laptop and it still has the same problem. No, no one else is having this problem. NO, we have not yet performed an exorcism.  It has made work so stressfull that I've had more headaches in the last three weeks than I have in the last year.

I am looking forward to a revision of a ROOT CANAL as a fun alternative to going to work.  And the possibiity of someone sticking a needle in my eye yesterday didn't seem so bad either if I got to go home.

THAT's how bad work has sucked for the last month.


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