Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to the Routine...

Returning to the real world from Paris has been jarring.  And busy.  And dramatic (because life without drama is apparently not in the cards for us).  I returned to work Monday, and had my usual end-of-the-month half day on Tuesday.  Good thing for me, since JuJuBee's midwife decided that Tuesday was The Day.

Sunny was due August 6.  But there have been some concerns about her growth, and a decline in amniotic fluid pushed the midwife to induce her.  I came and got Boo so Daddy could focus on JuJuBee and the delivery.  From IV placement to delivery was about 2 1/2 hours.  When I came in to hold JuJu's hand for the remainder of the cleanup (they were setting up to do a D&C when she finally delivered the placenta (I know, TMI but it's the ongoing damned DRAMA)), I laughed and informed JuJu that she should take her time - it's not a slip and slide after all!  The midwife laughed out loud and said she had just told her the exact same thing!  So now Boo has a little sister whose birthday is two days before hers.  My brothers were the same.

Sunny and JuJuBee are still in the hospital.  The week has been complicated by Sunny's poor temperature control, low blood sugars and jaundice.  Hopefully she'll go home tomorrow with a biliblanket and they'll get some rest.  Boo is sleeping over at Grandma's tonight.  Again.

In the meanwhile, Babygirl and I went to NYC Saturday morning to hang out with Citygirl, who is in the process of packing up to move to the west coast.  Sunday morning we loaded up the truck and drove to Philadelphia to be ready for this morning's doctor visit.  We saw a new doctor, and left without knowing any lab results.

The call about results came after we'd arrived home.  Babygirl hadn't felt up to going to the amusement park on the way home, so the trip was quite quick. 

The results:  Creatinine 1.1, up (again) from 0.9.  Her anti-rejection med levels are low, so increase the dose.  And her anemia?  Much worse.  Normal hemoglobin is 12.5.  She generally hovers around 10.5.  It's down to 8.5 now, which explains her general cold intolerance and fatigue.  The Team is, as usual, meeting tomorrow.  They call with a plan, but they are considering restarting erythropoietin, which of course her new kidney is supposed to be making.  She won't mind the shots, but our new insurance might.  Our old insurance took three weeks to approve it two years ago. 

Maybe they'll just let us redo the labs locally....

Next appointment is with the Teen Clinic (she'll be 14 so she moves up!) which means we now need to make our visits on Thursdays instead of Mondays.  Ugh ugh ugh.  Thank God we're accustomed to the trip. 


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