Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Big Travel Day......

All packed.  At least, I sincerely hope so.  We'll be reaching the point of no return in two hours.  Hubby is already quite tired of me scolding him for picking up his carry on bag.  And he's especially discouraged to need somebody to tie his shoes for him.  Overall he still is feeling better than he did for the two days before the appendectomy, but this is still going to be a very, very long day for him.  He's napping now.

We made it to church to see off the mission team this morning, delivering two small ladders and a pair of sawhorses (turns out they are doing interior work so the needed some SMALL stuff instead of the usual roof ladders).  I had to locate the sawhorses.  There really is a limit to the size of our basement, but apparently NO limit at all to where two bright yellow sawhorses can hide.  I was on my third tour, looking and looking and looking and......I discovered that the sawhorses were pretending to be, well, table legs.  Hubby had set up a temporary worktable for himself.  Babygirl and I managed to sub out the portable little sawhorses with some heavy-duty ones, but it involved raising the tabletop about a foot.  Teamwork. 

Did I tell you about my new suitcases?  I picked bright purple and pink stripes.  No struggle trying to figure out which one of the huge black suitcases on the carousel are mine! 

LOL okay the Tingle is back.  Time to turn off the laptop and get it packed!


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