Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Tingle.......

I'm starting to get really excited about traveling to Paris!  I've been going to the Weather Channel's website (it no longer asks.  It just goes to Paris) to check the ten-day forecast (looking good!).  I'm about 3/4 packed.  I'm so caught up on laundry that my work clothes from yesterday are already clean and folded.  Barring disaster, I might actually be able to work in a pedicure Saturday morning before we leave!

There are, of course, always glitches.  I have a sinus infection (90% better already after two days of antibiotics) and Hubby has something going on with his stomach, which I sincerely hope is just a case of pre-travel jitters. 

It seems there is always some drama when we need to leave the country.  The sheer number of problems we had within 24 hours of going to get Babygirl from Guatemala still staggers my mind when I think about it.  Remind me to share that story sometime!

But back to this post....

Do you remember how you felt when you were a kid and something awesome was going to happen?  The moment you woke up on Christmas morning?  The moment when you finished setting up camp and were turned loose to explore?  Laying out your first-day-of-school outfit?  That deep-seeded, jump-out-of-your-skin excitement?  The Tingle that starts low in your belly and runs right up the back of your spine that tells you something extraordinary is right around the bend. 

I woke up this morning Tingling. 

Our adult lives are fraught with cares and worries.  Our responsibilities far outweigh our free moments, and sometimes they outweigh our joy.  This Sandwich Generation life reminds me of an old-fashioned yoke - one heavy bucket hanging on each shoulder, struggling for balance.  We grow accustomed to the feel of disappointment.  We delay gratification to the point where we rarely feel gratified!  And while each of us find moments for laughter and fun, we Adults rarely have something so incredibly momentous to look forward to that we ourselves didn't have to shoulder the entire responsibility of planning and paying for ourselves. 

Make-A-Wish focuses on the children who need one dream to look forward to.  It helps the kids get through so, so many hard times.  Babygirl and I have discussed this trip in some of her most difficult hours.  But the side benefit is for the families.  All I have to do Saturday is get up.  I don't have to make phone calls, arrange last-minute travel plans, run to the bank.  I don't have to gas up the car and drive an hour and pay for long-term parking.  I don't have to hustle reluctant unprepared people.  I don't have to load a trailer full of beach towels and bikes. 

I get to enjoy the Tingle.



  1. I think I am happier that you are going than I would be going myself !! I love that city and I know you will are going to walk, and walk, and walk.

  2. I am SO excited for you guys! Enjoy every nano second!

  3. Awesome and well deserved...have a wonderful, carefree time!