Monday, February 3, 2014

Grieving for Two Years.....

Babygirl's kidney donor died two years ago today.  According to his parents, Jorge was a joyful, lucky, blessed young man.  According to his pictures he was a beautiful child and a confident young adult.  He and Citygirl are about the same age. 

I no longer see him in the light of "Someone had to die so my kid could live."  I see him living on in Babygirl.  And the reason I can see it that way is because his unbelievably generous family sees him that way.  The thought that she and many others like her live because of him gives them the ability to find meaning and comfort in his death. 

I cannot imagine that the act of "finding meaning" makes their loss any less profound or heart-rending.  I'm a mom.  My heart would be ripped out of me if one of my children died, and I don't think any amount of "meaning" would make my suffering less. 

So I do what little I can for them:  I let them know that Babygirl is doing better because of Jorge's kidney.  I let them know that the flowers on the altar at church yesterday were in his memory.  I let them know that as long as there is breath in my body I will not forget what their bravery has done for our beloved Babygirl, and that there are many, many people that they have never met who pray for them in their sorrow on this day. 

Take a moment:  Pray for them, please.


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