Thursday, February 20, 2014

Waiting for Nothing....

A few days ago I forced Babygirl out of bed and dug deep into whatever it is that is keeping her home from school so much.  I know we had a tough virus in January, bad enough that I called nephrology for help.  Labs were ordered, results were fantastic, and Babygirl perked up for a couple of days.  She made it to school one day.  Then we began again:  Fleeting bellyaches, sore throat, persistent headaches, body aches, fatigue, poor sleep.  So I spent roughly a half-hour with her, picking at her vague symptoms, and subtly screening her for depression. 

She IS sad, and lonely.  But when she feels well physically she is totally happy and busy.  It's a tough call.  Depression can have very vague physical symptoms as well, and good days/bad days. 


So last night we hit the walk-in.  Throat and urine cultures, results pending.  Physical exam unrevealing.  The docs assessment:  She looks ill.  If everything comes back negative, start testing for the weird stuff like Lyme disease and so on.  I'm pretty sure it's been done, but nephrology did say that it was time to do the weird virus screen soon so I'll toss that suggestion in there.

So we're waiting for tests that are very, very likely to tell us nothing at all, so we can call and get more tests ordered that will also tell us nothing at all. 

It's discouraging.  It make ME feel sad and lonely. 

Lord.  Please.


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