Sunday, August 17, 2014

Final Week - The Mission Trip......

This years' mission trip took us into southern Virginia, Washington County. 

Babygirl's numbers were good.  Since her immune system was in good shape, she was allowed to go, but....

Food is served buffet style.  She needed to be first in line, so that sometimes felt a little awkward for her.  The rest of the team stepped up and helped keep it from being too weird.  We were told to keep things as clean as possible.  God sent us to a better-than-average worksite.  We were installing flooring indoors.

  Building a new deck outdoors.  The only touchy project was insulation, underneath the addition in and the trailer, but there was plenty for her to do without crawling around underneath.

With the bugs.

But if the point of the trip was to make someone's home warmer, safer and drier, we did all three.  And the twenty-two adults and youth (and the many, many people who sent us!) are grateful to have had the opportunity to help out.  We all - including Babygirl - want to go back again next year. Outdoor showers and all.


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