Monday, August 18, 2014

The Crisis Du Jour.....

Things in our lives here have been stable for so long that we haven't had to consider the "The Crisis of the Day" menu for a while, but it has been sneaking up on us for a bit. 

Hubby's had a couple of health issues.  One has turned out to be less than we feared and is responding nicely to medication.  The other?  Well, any MRI report that gets you a referral to a neurosurgeon is ugly, and rarely an easy fix.  I'm hoping for something simple there as well, but back surgery on a big guy with diabetes is an interesting proposition.

My new migraine medication was such an unqualified success that my neurologist is attempting to taper down one of my other (more unpleasant) medications.  The resulting neurological chaos made me lose an entire day last week.  I almost never awaken with a migraine, but if I do, the battle is lost.  The key to beating these SOB headaches is to hit them early, before they become entrenched.  If you wake up and it's there, it's likely been there a while.  From 6 AM to 3 AM, it made itself at home in the right side of my head.  And there've been a few of them.  I'm hoping that as my body adjusts to the new dose of medication the headaches will ease, but then I get to drop it again.  And AGAIN.  THIS is going to be fun.

My stepsister (also my godsister but that's a story for another post, surely) has developed some sort of aggressive inflammatory arthritis.  My stepmom has gone to Florida to be with her.  My dad is here - for how long, we aren't certain. 

And, most recently (I almost said 'finally' but that would be silly, wouldn't it?), my niece and nephew have once again suffered the loss of a grandparent.  Grandma Dottie has gone to join Grampa Mike.  She was a rare woman - tough, funny, kind, warm, and generous enough to be Grandma to my kids when they were in town as well, proving what this family knows well:  Blood doesn't matter nearly as much as love.  Curlygirl shared some fond memories of her and her home at dinner last night. Go with God, Dottie.

So if you have a prayer to spare, send it this way, along with one of thanksgiving that for a change, it isn't Babygirl who is the Crisis Du Jour.


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