Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Three Month Check Up....

We interrupt our vacation blog for the following update:

Babygirl spent all of Monday seeing doctors. 

We began with Nephrology.  The kidney is doing well.  We discussed medications that Neurology wants to try for the headaches.  Lisinopril -as much as they want.  Zonegran - nope, not at all.  Depakote would be much better, thanks, I should tell them to try that.  Carry on, blood work at home in six weeks, see you in three months.  (This was after we'd located them.  They'd moved, and we knew they'd moved, but apparently no one at any CHOP information desk knew that they had moved or where.  We got a lot of exercise looking for them.  Turns out they are on the same floor of the same building as neurology now.)

Then Neurology.  Really, she is still having headaches?  You called?  We are having some problems with communication. (Oh, really?? No kidding there.)  Anyway, they listened to what nephrology suggested, smiled smugly at their ignorance ("Depakote for an adolescent girl?  With weight gain as its major side effect?" Dude, it isn't that we don't know what can happen, but the kid can't go to school for the headaches for the good Lord's sake, we have to do SOMETHING!) and worked out a convoluted plan involving increasing the medications that aren't working.  Again. 

Then Gyn, where we discovered that our appointment is actually Tuesday (my bad, I guess) but the (oh God bless her) doctor squeezed us in, and made a plan for ongoing care an follow up that made sense to Babygirl.  Works for me.  Irregular periods weren't high on my worry list anyway.

The big news, to me anyway, is that there was a radical shift in Babygirl herself.  She took the lead in telling her story, answering questions and filling the docs in on how she feels about the whole thing.  Of course, the flip side of THAT is that they pushed her to be more responsible about keeping track of things - the number of headaches, the days she is bleeding, the amount she drinks.....

Becoming more mature has its price.


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