Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Car Conversation....

Babygirl is a LOT more chatty since she got her new kidney.  Used to be she'd get in the car and simply conk out until we got "there."  Now, although she usually sleeps SOME of the way, there is a lot more talk, although I can't honestly say it's always "quality time."

1) Babygirl:  I like them hard and sweet.  Me:  I like them hard and sweet, but there needs to be some tartness. ( Discussing different types of apples and defending our favorites.)

2) Babygirl:  Mom, why does that truck have such HUGE tires?  Me: Because that guy has a little... oh, never mind.  Babygirl:  MOM!

3)Babygirl:  Do you know why my stomach is always happy?  Me: Why?  Babygirl:  Because it will always have a smiley face on it!  (True.  The combinations of scars DO make a smiley!)


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