Thursday, April 26, 2012

You Need Your Neutrophils....

Babygirl woke up this morning crying.  Her head hurt, her legs hurt, her whole body hurt and she was FREEZING. 

Her temperature was over 103.  A call to the kidney specialists told me what I already knew: "Take her to the nearest ER."

We gave her her meds, ate breakfast (well, not her - she wasn't hungry), got dressed (comfy is important) and got into the car.  She threw up, saturating the prayer shawl we'd brought along for warmth (sorry, Lynn).  I ran into the house for a Ziploc bag and a new blanket.  By the time we hit the ER that one had to be put into a plastic bag to be laundered also (sorry, Main St crew!).

Blood work.  CAT scan.  Morphine and Tylenol.  Anti-emetics.  Repeat the vomitted meds. Poke, prod, poke.  WBC count down to 0.7, beyond critically low.

At noon, none the wiser about the cause of the fever but increasingly concerned about her inability to fight off whatever was causing it, we were loaded into an ambulance for a ride back to CHOP. We had time to pack, and I rode shotgun while Hubby drove the chase car.

By 4:30 we had finished a quick eval in CHOP's ER and were admitted to the floor.  Poke, prod, poke, repeat.  Discuss options. Consider additional testing.  Start dangerously potent antibiotics.

Right now Babygirl is sleeping, Hubby is at Sister-in-law's house, and we're all still in the dark about where the infection is and what's causing it.  The good news is we are surrounded by prayer from all around the country.

But I have never seen her look so sick.


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  1. Prayers for you all from me also. Poor girl, she's really been through so much.