Sunday, April 13, 2014

Batting 125......

At our last appointment with nephrology we were asked to do a number of things:  Set up counseling for Babygirl to explore and treat her anxiety.  Set up a gyn appointment to evaluate the menstrual irregularities and pain.  Set up a six week follow up with nephrology.  Set up follow-up with neurology. Babygirl and I are also overdue for appointments with the family doc and the dentist. Eight appointments, total.

What with all the work insanity and the increase in my headaches, I have had very, very little time (and even less energy and no residual organizational oomph) to get all of this done. 

Babygirl began counseling this week.  Hubby took her, since available appointments landed during work hours (and since I'm in the office eleven hours a day, that's pretty much all the time, right?).  I had spoken with the counselor when I scheduled the appointment and filled her in on the problems.  Hubby filled in gaps as best he could.  And Babygirl actually talked, which is very good.  She has a follow-up appointment for this week to see the counselor alone.

Hubby shared a funny moment:  As Babygirl was describing her headaches to the counselor, the counselor looked at Hubby and said, "That sounds like migraine!  Has she been checked for this?"  How he kept from laughing out loud I have not one clue.  "Yes, she has.  And yes, it is."

I haven't called the local doc or the dentist. I have managed to get an appointment with a gynecologist for Babygirl. I'm hoping to fit neurology in there somewhere at the same time (I have a message in to the scheduling coordinator); and then at nephrology (they are the most flexible).  I'll be two weeks later than I was supposed to be at nephrology, but.....somehow nothing feels as urgent as it used to. 

The first year after Babygirl was diagnosed, our compliance batting average was 950.  We did everything in our power to do every single thing we were supposed to do to keep her healthy and on-track.  The second year (and most of the third) I'd say we were still batting over 900 (how in the name of ALL that's holy did I forget to get her a flu shot???). This past month?  If my compliance with scheduling is at all representative, we are batting 125.  That's more than enough to send us from the Parenting Big League to a Little League team.

This lack of urgency, I realize, is not a good attitude on my part.  I have, essentially, scheduled only two of eight appointments required of us at our visit, all of which were to be accomplished by 10 days from now, and only one of which will have been managed in that time frame. I ran out of meds and needed an emergency supply.  I've not been agressive about making Babygirl go to school daily.

I have a list.  My list has a list.  I'm just not looking at it enough.  And I don't care.


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