Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spreading Myself Thin.....

It's always this text from Curlygirl: "Whatcha doing?"

It's code for, "Hey, I need something.  Probably twenty minutes ago.  And it's going to cost you some time. And gas - and maybe money.  Oh, and it's of vital importance to Squeaker."

JuJuBee has a similar text, although hers is usually more upfront, listing specifically what she needs, why she needs it twenty minutes ago and what will happen to Boo and Sunny if I can't help - no wasting time with code for her.

LOL!  It's a part of parenting young adults that I didn't anticipate. The girls do their best to be independent, but they don't drive.  Generally what they need is totally doable - a lift to a grocery store, a pack of diapers the day before payday, use of the washer and dryer.  The problem is, sometimes, that I'm completely out of energy.  Work is tougher than it's ever been.  Babygirl's illness is exhausting sometimes.  Mom.  Housekeeping.  Headaches.  It all adds up, and sometimes I'm just not available 'twenty minutes ago.'

On the first both of them asked me to take them shopping.  Walmart and Aldi are so much better at stretching their limited budgets than the grocery stores within walking distance of their homes.  And I'm happy to help - I shop there myself, so it isn't out of my way to go, unless they pick a weeknight for the crisis.  Tuesday evening was out of the question.  Wednesday, worse.  So this morning I am leaving now to take everybody to the store at 7 AM. 

Pollyanna says, "Hey! One less thing to do on Saturday!"

Sometimes I want to slap that Pollyanna.


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