Friday, June 13, 2014

Comin' Down the Home Stretch....

The third floor is in its final phases.  I've just finished painting six miles of baseboard.  Babygirl just shop-vacced, swept, Swiffer'd and mopped 600 square feet of new flooring after running leftover tools and trash up and down three flights of stairs.  Tomorrow we should be able to start moving things up, which is good.  I'm tired of having a 12' x 15' carpet rolled up and stretched from one wall to the other in my living room. 

One of the last things I did was to wander around the room with a tub of gray paint, searching out all the pieces of blue painter's tape I'd stuck up whenever I spotted a bit of blue pain peeking through.  I covered all the accidental hits walls take when you are fitting flooring and baseboards.  I erased all of the boot prints (Hubby likes to work on his stomach).

The most difficult was covering spots where red paint had managed to work its way under the painter's tape.  Since the red was on a railing over the staircase, most of that painting was done from a ladder.  When I pulled the tape and saw the odd (admittedly small) irregularities I knew I was faced with painting them out or driving myself nuts every time I climbed the stairs for the next ten years.

I'm good at cutting in.  Really good.  I just did twelve miles of baseboard without tape, drips or wipe-ups.  If I can just figure out how to reach OVER the rail...

The trouble with working with your head and shoulders hanging over a 15 foot drop isn't the fear of falling.  No.  It's the difficulty figuring out how to keep the lines clean when you are not looking through the correct (if any) part of your glasses, and fighting to keep gravity from obstructing your view in other ways.

I did it.  It looks great.  But it would have been easier if I could have put my bifocals and my bra on upside down.


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