Sunday, June 8, 2014

General Health Updates....

This is a general family health update for those who are interested.

Mom:  Her hospital stay was less than 24 hours, no cause of her chest pain was determined, no medications changed.  She's complaining of being winded periodically but otherwise seems much the same as usual.  I wonder how often she has these pains and then forgets to tell us?  The hospital staff seemed more aware of her dementia this time.  It's getting harder for her to cover.

Hubby:  Endocrine seems to have taken steps to controlling his blood sugars better.  Time will tell how this does in terms of making him feel better.

Me:  The new headache medication (Zonegran) has stopped the headaches cold.  I still smell cigarette smoke once every three days or so.  I don't see much in terms of side effects but I hear from others that I'm a bitch.  Sorry, all.  And pray for Hubby.  I've lost about half the weight I gained on the gabapentin, but MY sugars are still out of control.  Ugh.

Curlygirl:  Her Hive Hell appears to be calming down and she is seeing an allergist in two weeks.

Babygirl:  She managed school three of five days last week, but missed Friday and was unable to attend her 8th grade dance.  I have a call in to neurology to update them on the spectacular lack of success of their latest attempt to control her headaches.



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