Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bad News on World Kidney Day......

This is our first visit to the transplant team since late fall, and it just happened to fall on World Kidney Day.  Babygirl has been sick for over three weeks now with an evil cold.  She was diagnosed with strep throat more than ten days ago, finished a fairly broad-spectrum antibiotic, and is still coughing and blowing what looks like liquefied brains out of her nose.  Her appetite has been poor, she's been gagging on some of her food, and she horked up one dose of pills a few days ago.

It hasn't been pretty.

Last night she was pale and pasty and complained that her ears and throat hurt.   She coughed all night, but there has been no fever.  After her blood work this morning she selected salad for breakfast and ate about six bites of it. 

Really not pretty.

We met with Dr. B (back from his sabbatical in Peru) and learned that her creatinine had leaped from 0.9 to 1.5, and her hemoglobin dropped from 12.8 to 9.6.  Her blood is very acidic again despite the fact that we have been giving her pills to counteract that problem.  The nurse practitioner saw the results first and predicted that Dr. B would admit her. 

REALLY ugly.  Babygirl was not at all pleased at this thought.

But Dr. B surprised us.  He is the most careful and conservative of the group, but he heard we were staying local and seeing the neurologists tomorrow at 1 PM.  She is to drink a ton of fluid, and blood work is to be redrawn.  He will decide what to do depending on what they find.


Glad I packed a prayer shawl.


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