Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Ides of March.....

The results are all in:  There is no urinary tract infection (good thing I'm not one to say "I told you so").  Her throat culture is negative, so the antibiotic 2 weeks ago at least cleared the strep. The inhaler has brought the cough to manageable proportions and time or the current antibiotics have stopped the constant nasal crap.  He creatinine this morning is down to 1.1, not fabulous but still moving in the right direction. 

We will be coming home.

Right now our only change is an increase in her daily bicarbonate dose.  It is presumed that the excess acid in her system is a side effect of her new headache medication and of no real concern.  Her prednisone dose is being returned to normal.  She is to continue using the inhaler.  We are to get blood work locally in one week and return for a recheck here in two. 

I plan to get her in to the family doc on Monday to assess the asthma treatment and get that optimized.  I'm thinking that just a rescue inhaler after three weeks of coughing might not do it. 

She's still tired, and she's still not eating, but she looks better. 

And as a side note, when they come in to do her vital signs and ask the 'do you have any pain' question, the answer has frequently been, "No."

That word is a miracle.  No?  No pain?  We've been here since Friday evening and she's had one minor headache. 

The Ides of March might not have worked out so well for Caesar, but I'm pretty cool with it so far.


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