Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sitting in the Light.....

Today is my birthday.  I rarely have my birthday off.  Unless it happens to fall on a weekend, I don't ask the day off because it seems silly to me.  I celebrate the kids.  I don't need a fuss.  (Which doesn't mean I don't like to be remembered:  One of the nice things about social media is that it reminds everybody when the birthdays are so we can at least send out a greeting.  I like it.)

No day would be complete without a doctor visit, so Squeaker went to the walk in for HIS pinkeye.  Good thing, too - turns out he also has an ear infection.  Hopefully that's it for the week.

So today was an average Sunday, plus a "Happy Birthday" at church, and strawberry shortcake for desert at home. (My dinner choice was grilled salmon.  Hubby rocks the grill!).  Sunday is Curlygirl's laundry day, so Squeaker was there.  "Happy Birfday, Gamma!" he said.  "You're a butt kisser," mumbled Hubby.  "Yes, I AM!" agreed Squeaker.  Best laugh of the day.

But my big gift was given quietly, and might not have been noticed by anyone but me.

Babygirl sat in the living room with me, watching a video on her tablet.  With the lights on.  In fact, SHE was the one who turned the lights on in the first place.

My neighbors can probably vouch for the fact that our house is usually pretty dark.  It's been over two years since I can recall Babygirl voluntarily turning on a high-wattage bulb, let alone staying in the room with it once it was lit.

It has been three weeks since her last big headache.

She hasn't exactly been pain-free. She's still plagued by sore throats and head congestion.  But for those of you who have been following this blog, you will remember posts devoted to the astounding joy of a headache-free DAY.  And you may recall that it's been a while since one of those.  Three weeks.  I'm almost afraid to breathe, to speak it out loud; superstitiously terrified to claim good news as truth as opposed to something like the witches candy house after being lost in the forest of pain. 

I can understand why I'm afraid.  The kidney transplant was a miracle that took away her dialysis pain, only to replace it with the headaches after six months of normal pain-free life. 

Dear God, If you are going to heal my baby, heal her good this time.  Please?


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