Monday, March 30, 2015

Granddaddy Migraine.....

Last week I worked five full days.  Looking back, that hasn't happened more than once or twice this year so far due to sickness, doctor visits, planned days off and emergencies with Babygirl.  But last week was FULL.  Not crazy arrive-at-eight-and-stay-until-seven insanity, but each day had a pretty busy schedule, and I was there each and every day.

Friday morning, during my weekly paperwork hour, I got anxious.  I'm not an anxious person, so I got cranky.  By two o'clock I was laughing with patients over some silly word substitutions.  And my neck ached. 

By six, I was home, and the ache had moved from the front right side to the area under my skull.  And from then on, I don't remember much.  I think hubby made dinner.  I know I ate some.  I know I was supposed to get Squeaker - he was to spend the night because his parents were working an extra shift on Saturday morning.  I know I didn't get him. There were medications. There were sunglasses.  There was that sickening sensation that the back of my scalp was corrugating, and the frightening conviction that the left side of my head was going to blow off (when in fact, as usual, it was the right side). 

I woke up at six AM.  I'm not sure when I went to bed, or how I got there.

Saturday morning was okay.  I was clumsy, but energetic enough to get through the morning's cleaning and take Squeaker and Babygirl to the grocery store and then the pet store.  (Squeaker discovered that he likes puppies in theory, but not necessarily being in a room full of them when they are all excited to see him and jumping and kissing and stealing his hat.)  In the afternoon and evening the pain played peek-a-boo in an irritating way.  I survived a visit to Doodlebug's birthday party (at the neighborhood bowling alley, for the love of ALL that is holy) and I went to bed, slept for three hours, and was unable to sleep any more despite getting up at 2 to take a Benadryl. 

Sunday was okay in the morning.  After church choir practice?  Not so much.  Hitting a high note points out exactly where the pain still is, throbbing nicely in time with the vibrato.  Oh, director, want to do that last page again?  Sure. One more time?  Absolutely.  Again?  Can I kill you now you sadistic little Russian lunatic?

And yesterday was the day that JuJuBee decided, after being AWOL since Christmas, that she missed her sisters and her girls missed her aunties and Grandma.  Now, don't get me wrong:  I love Boo and Sunny to pieces and have missed seeing them regularly, but adding two screechy little girls to an exuberant little boy in a small house where the preferred toy is a set of wooden blocks...

I took them shopping for Easter dresses.  It was the quieter choice. 

They stayed all day, and despite the pain it was a joy to see them all, but I took a nap for a bit after dinner, and I wasn't sad to take them all home.

This morning there is still just a little pain over my right eye.  And it is still a struggle to say 'right' instead of 'left.'  Thankfully I am only working three days this week:  Babygirl has an appointment Thursday and I took Friday off in case they admit her again.   


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