Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best. Hubby. Ever........

Apparently we aren't quite busy enough.  This month, due to a housing crisis, Boo and JuJuBee moved home for a few weeks.  And starting Monday, Curlygirl is starting a nine month cosmetology class, and SHE has a daycare crisis.

Social services will help young mothers pay for daycare if they are in high school, in a GED program, or working.  They will not offer daycare assistance moms pursuing higher education.  Daycare costs about $30/day.  Squeaker's dad works full time and supports them, but they can't come up with $600/month over the costs of rent, food and utilities to pay for this.  She's got a partial scholarship and has lined up student loans, and tried to get a place for Squeaker in a co-operative daycare where they could trade volunteer hours for free care.  She was prepared to leave home at 6 AM, volunteer at the daycare for two hours, do a full day of school and make it home by 6 PM, but there wasn't a space available for him there.

There's a spot in a local home daycare but he can't stay past three, and the cost is prohibitive.

In steps Hubby.

"I can take him Monday and Tuesday, and pick him up at three."  We're paying for half of the daycare cost on the other three days ($45/week) and Curlygirl is picking up the rest.  Knowing that Babygirl is going to need to be in the hospital next month makes this nothing short of heroic. 

We learned long ago that we can handle anything for a year.  Aunt Mary, foster kids, dialysis - it's all doable if you figure you only have to do it for a while.  So until the beginning of November, Hubby will be working part-time, doing Grampa Day Care part time, and being Dad to a special needs kid full time. We are planning to take Squeaker and Boo the beach with us.  It'll be fun to have some Sandpipers again!

There are no limits to the reasons I love this man.


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