Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thinking Ahead.....

I slept in until six this morning, got up and did laundry and dishes and enjoyed coffee over This Old House magazine.  At seven I woke Babygirl for her meds and asked if she wanted to go shopping with me.  It was gratifying to hear a "YES!"  and see bright brown eyes eager for a chance to get out of the house.

We started at Walmart, picking up cleaning supplies, grandbaby snacks and a new shower curtain among many other things.  We even found an Easter dress for Babygirl!  When we went to check out, I discovered that I didn't have my debit card.  Hmmmm..... where did that go?  I paid by check. 
We went out to breakfast, went to the bank to get some cash (another check), shopped for groceries and Aldi and came home.  It was a completely mundane morning.

We don't get much 'mundane' here.  Having a meal with a happy kid with a settled stomach was wonderful.  Sharing conversation.  Laughing.  Discussing college, car preferences, music and clothes.  Listening to this blessed child discussing her future as if there were never any doubt that everything is going to be fine and that her Red VW Bug is just waiting for her to turn sixteen. Managing four hours without fatigue or pain is a miracle to me.  Hearing her thinking ahead with such hope squeezed my heart with a joy so intense it was painful

The rest of the day passed in the company of family.  Squeaker's dad and I went out to donate blood, and came home to celebrate his birthday with his favorite meal of (shudder) boxed mac-and-cheese and hotdogs.  Games were played.  Laughing children were chased in circles. 

Babygirl just came in to say goodnight.  Her eyes were still bright and clear.

The sweetness of an ordinary day is something that I confess I have under-appreciated all of my life.  The race from one extraordinary event to the next, daydreaming away the beauty of today for the hope of excitement tomorrow; losing along the way the moment-by-moment joy that comes from simply being present in my own life. 

I promise, God, that if we ever resume ANYTHING resembling a normal life again I won't take it for granted.


PS. And if you'd point me in the direction of the missing debit card I'd appreciate that too.

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