Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Honor Roll....

Babygirl made Honor Roll at school with a 90.83% average.  If she'd gotten .17% more she'd be on High Honor Roll. I'm extremely proud of how hard she works despite all that she goes through every day.  I'd be positively jumping for joy if I thought for one minute that these grades had any real meaning. 

The report card shows she's missed at least 54 days of school.  Comments from teachers range from "Excellent" in PE (gym) class (really?  Excellent?  How on earth does a child who has not darkened the door of the gymnasium get 100% in gym class??) to "Consistently well-behaved and respectful."  Again - if you have never laid eyes on the child how do you know she's respectful?  I guess she can't disrupt the class if she isn't there, so she isn't DISrespectful.  Several classes note that she is on home teaching and that her grade was provided by her home teacher.  Considering how little home teaching she is getting I'm hard pressed to explain how those grades are derived.

She's completely exempt from classes like music, shop and home ec.  If she has a grade in those classes it's from whatever limited work she did on the rare days she's been in school.  She is not required to take a foreign language, and if she is in school that extra time is used for a support class.  Her tutor insists that she is caught up (or was prior to winter break).  Babygirl tells me that on one of the days that she DID make it to school a couple of weeks ago she had to take a lot of mid-term exams, and that she knew nothing about the material on most of them and felt she had failed them all.  I don't see that failure reflected on this report card anywhere.

Don't think I wouldn't be the proudest mom on the planet with these grades if I thought that Babygirl had actually earned them.  She's never been an Honor Roll student, and I've never cared because I knew her grades reflected a lot of hard work on her part.  She's always done her best, and still does.  But my gut tells me that she is getting farther and farther behind, and her response to her one day of testing with her peers confirms that.

My ongoing concern is that she will have no foundation laid for the next level of classes.  I don't want to face almost certain failure later on because she is not being kept up on things now.

I have the name of someone higher up the food chain in special education.  Call going out!  Wish me luck


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