Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend in an Evening.....

Yesterday I arrived home to discover that the dining room table had ALL the leaves in.  And it was covered in pizza boxes.  And it was surrounded by family.  And then an old friend from High School popped out of the kitchen: "Surprise!"

What would have been an ordinary weeknight turned into a weekend.  No, a vacation day!  Pizza was eaten, wings enjoyed (well, not by Boo - spicy doesn't work for her yet).  Stories of times that feel like just a moment ago but that predate the birth of more than half the people at the table.  "Remember how our social studies teacher thought we were the cutest couple she ever met and always let us leave even though we didn't have music lessons and we weren't actually EVER a couple?"  "Remember the roller-coaster roads and how we used to drive?"  "Remember......?"

The kids seemed bemused by the idea of all of us adults being in High School.  They listened to the stories, and laughed at what we used to get away with. 

And then the guitars and the wine came out.  Folk songs, silly songs, songs about life and death and making love and friendship, all with two to three guitars playing and three or more part harmony.  Laughter.  Joy.  Peace. Friends.   

I'm not sure when we went to bed, but it was reluctantly, and late.  And despite the lack of sleep (and the wine!) I was energized in the morning, and survived a busy day at work. 

People ask Hubby and I how we "deal with everything."  It isn't easy, not at all.  But nights like last night make it possible to continue hoping and keep moving down the road we travel.  A few hours can make a world of difference.

Thanks, guys.  Thanks.


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