Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Lotta Nothing....

I spent most of Saturday catching up on housework.  Two weeks' worth of dust with one week's worth of unpacking sandy stuff, laundry and re-entry into our 'real lives.'  It's amazing how much stuff just finds a home on the coffee table and starts putting down roots. 

For those of you (not many, I know) who have hired someone to help with housework:  Do you find yourself cleaning so that THEY can clean?  LOL.  It's not cleaning, exactly - it's picking stuff up and putting it away so someone else can find the coffee table/floor/kitchen counters and actually clean the dirt that was accumulating under and around the junk.

And then there is the bill paying.  I sat down to enter all the little things we spent at the beach, balance the checkbook, and pay bills.  I discovered that I was WAY behind - it's been since before Paris that I sat down and took care of things.  I had a late fee or two to cover - ugh!

So between cleaning yesterday and paperwork today?  I feel like I accomplished nothing and still didn't actually have a day off.  But considering the pile of stuff I need to mail out I must have done SOMETHING! 

I'll make up for it next weekend.  Curlygirl, Squeaker, Babygirl and I are going to the amusement park together.  It should be a good time!


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