Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Resetting Life.....

Two years ago I had a routine.  I'd been in that routine for about five years, long enough to fully establish the habit. 

Up at 5:30.  Breakfast. Walk dog.  Go to work out.  Shower.  Work. Home.  Rinse, repeat.

Then, chaos.  Hospitals.  Doctor visits.  Out-of-town.  Out-of-my-mind.  Aging parent.  Desperately ill child. 

I tried, really.  But I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and empty.  My physical activities got back-burnered.  My dog and I gained weight.  And that increased the fatigue and exhaustion.

Beach week was lovely.  But I was out of shape for it.  I didn't bike as much, couldn't spend as much time in the water, tired more easily.  Paris might have felt the same if Hubby hadn't needed to move slowly due to his recent surgery.  Much of the stair-climbing was done on sheer will and stubbornness. 

So, once again, I am trying.  Setting the clock for 5 AM and making myself get UP.  Walking the dog daily.  Riding my bike to work at least every other day.  And who knows, maybe I'll rejoin Curves when it gets to cold to bike.  I'm not promising - it's too stressful to promise, and who knows what will happen with Babygirl once school starts?

But I think maybe it's time to hit the 'reset' button on my life, and go back to being more than just "Babygirl's Mom". 


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