Sunday, August 18, 2013

Third Year, Week 17 - Mare's Tails and Parasails......

Beach week was an unqualified success.  We spent eight days in the sun and sand, playing in everything from baby waves to riptides.  For most of the week there we were nine:  Me, Hubby, Babygirl, Niece, Sister-in-law, Curlygirl, SqueaksDaddy, Doodlebug and Squeaker.  Doodlebug is SqueaksDaddy's older son, six years old and a very busy little boy!  He'd never seen the ocean and was very excited.  All. The. Time.  LOL.

No one got hurt.  Sunburn was minimal.  Temper tantrums rare and fairly easily controlled.  Fruit was plentiful, fresh and local.  Boardwalk fries, excellent as always.  No one got hit by seagull poop.  Everyone smelled delightfully of sunscreen and sea air.  Evenings on the cool screened porch, with games from Old Maid to FishBowl.

Each day had its joys and delights.  From the first day's lake-like sea and caramel corn to the last day's crashing surf, coffee and muffins, we crammed in as much fun and sand as is humanly possible. 

One especially lovely day there were high, thin clouds.  Mare's tails, they're called - wispy and ethereal.  What made them so notable was the sun.  Periodically throughout the day, delicate rainbows would come and go among these lovely clouds, hovering over us for hours on end, gently glowing.  We discovered that these rainbows were much easier to see with our sunglasses on (polarized lenses helped somehow?). 

On our drive out, we traveled between bay and ocean, and were treated to several miles of parasails.  They are lovely.  I'm never going to do it, but I am thankful for those who do, who make the air above the water full of kites and color. 

The only sad thing is that it is over.


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