Thursday, August 22, 2013


I said that beach week was an unqualified success.  I still say that it's true, given how ill Babygirl has been for the past two years.  But it doesn't mean I don't notice the differences. 

Babygirl isolates herself more these days.  Often it's because she's used to being alone and needs that space.  More frequently, though, it's because she is sincerely tired. 

Beach week is physically active.  We bike everywhere, unless we're walking.  We spend time on the sand, in the surf, in pools.  We shop, walk the tide line, hunt for shells and the perfect t-shirt.  We stay up after all of this and play games.  We vacation to the max!

This year was no exception.  The addition of a couple of little people meant that someone had to be in the beach house for the nine PM bedtime and beyond, but we took turns.  Babygirl was frequently done in by nine as well.  She slept on her beach towel in the sand some days.  She spent less time in the water.  She read more and played less. 

And when we arrived home, she spent about four days recovering.  She all but hibernated, sleeping, reading, sleeping, cleaning her room, sleeping.  It's been a very, very quiet week. 

I agree with her, in a way.  I've spent the week more quietly than usual as well.  But it squeezes my heart, those moments when I really cannot avoid seeing the truth - she is not a healthy little girl. 


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