Saturday, September 28, 2013


When you are sitting in an ER with your chronically ill child you inevitably consider that you might end up admitted.  In fact, BEFORE you go to the ER with your child you will have already begun to prep for what will undoubtedly be a long, long day. 

When I left work to go home to get Babygirl and take her to the hospital yesterday, I glanced at the gas gauge - half plus, good to go.  I contemplated temperature control.  Hospitals are either freezing or boiling, so layers are a must.  So I ran to the basement to put the washer contents into the dryer - my favorite sweatshirt was in there.  I figured it would be dry by the time anybody even ordered any tests (I was wrong - it was dry about mid-ultrasound).  I found Babygirl's favorite sweatpants, ran down my mental list of comfy clothes (all clean!) and changed from work pants to loose khakis. 

Note to self:  Never, ever leave home without a prayer shawl or two.  Babygirl got warm blankets.  I got cold.

One kink:  My phone died earlier this week.  I was planning on getting a new one Friday evening.  WHY is my phone always dead or uncharged when these things happen?   Hubby heard secondhand (my 9 AM patient who was the first to be cancelled works with him) that we were on our way to the hospital.  The fact that we were discharged allowed me to carry on with my plan to get a new phone.

One more kink:  They were able to transfer my contact list from the old phone.  Except that some of my contacts were randomly assigned new numbers.  I sent a text to Babygirl that said, "PILLS!!!!!"  It went to some random stranger in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  The resulting conversation was entertaining.  I tried to call Curlygirl today (to cancel her birthday party) and once again got a puzzled response when I insisted I was some unknown girl's Mom.  Oops. So if you are in my contact list you might want to text me your actual number.  Oddly, many numbers seem okay, and most have at least the right area code, making it all the harder for me to determine if the numbers are correct.

Aside:  Cell phones are making us dumb.  I used to keep everybody's number in my head.  Of course, now I can hardly keep ANYTHING in my head.

The worst of the phone weirdness is that I lost most of my CHOP numbers. Ugh.

I'm supposed to sing in church tomorrow.  I have a hideous migraine and can't listen to music.  Lordy.  I have the screen on the computer almost dark.  It works.  Sleeping would work too except that seems to be off my to-do list.  So is keeping dinner down. 

I was going to mention one more miscellaneous thing....but it floated away somewhere.

At least I know my stuff is clean for whatever happens on Monday.


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