Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Third Year, Week 21 -Timing....

Yesterday was a Monday.  Not a monday, a Monday. 

It started out well enough - up early, dog walked and fed, Mom weighed and medicated, laundry sorted and folded.  I even had my clothes out and ready so I could shower and go.  And then......

"Mom - my pill sorter is empty."

No worries - I always sort an extra for on-the-run days.

"That's empty, too." 

Well, almost.  Not counting one leftover EVENING dose that somehow got missed this month.  Crap.

Out come all the pill bottles, the sorters, the vitamins - all.

And I settle into the focused concentration required to get this done right.  She has 11 different prescriptions and three over-the-counter medications.  Distractions can be literally deadly, so you have to just shut out the world, take your time, and do the job right.

The only reason I was only 10 minutes late for work was because I skipped the shower.  I had to write up a medication list for her to carry to the eye doctor (ask Hubby about how fun it was to take Squeaker with him for that appointment LOL), and write a list of all 11 of her prescription numbers so I could call them ALL to the pharmacy (managed in the midst of my Monday-office madness).

Oh, yeah - and the other extra thing?  I called Neurology.  I totally forgot to try to match up an appointment for Babygirl's last visit to Philly.  It's a pain in the tushie - Neuro only lets you call two weeks ahead (they say it's to avoid last-minute rescheduling on their part.  That being said, we've been last-minute rescheduled twice).  Turns out life just got slightly more complicated. 

 Babygirl's neurologist only sees patients on Monday and Wednesday, and Monday is for headaches (save your seizures for Wednesday, please).  When we were attending the Monday transplant clinic, we could (theoretically) schedule neuro for the same day.  Now we are in the Thursday clinic.  So.  The receptionist has a message out to Babygirl's neurologist to see if he'll see her on Thursday, since we drive four hours to get there.  I'd gladly go a day early except that Babygirl's school's Open House is that Wednesday evening (of COURSE it is) and I really cannot miss the opportunity to meet her teachers.  And her doctor would still have to okay putting a headache kid in on seizure day (this is incomprehensible to a family practitioner.  How hard is it to switch up?  I have to change from headaches to diabetes to asthma to hypertension to backaches all in the SAME PATIENT.  I'd see everybody every damned day if I had separate days for each problem!).

Monday and Wednesday.   Dang, I am in the wrong specialty.  

Well, nevermind.  It'll work or it won't and there is nothing I can do about it.  So now I need to take yesterdays shower and leave early for work so I can do a house call three towns over with a student in tow.  I'm guessing it's house call/stroke/diabetes/school physical day.  Or maybe hypertension/COPD/depression day.  Or.......

It won't be boring.  That's probably why I didn't specialize.



  1. I heard the Medicine Shoppe will sort all your pills for you...how much is THAT worth????

  2. Not enough. If we use them our co-payments triple. We currently get a three month supply of Babygirl's medication (excluding the transplant meds which we must fill monthly)at our hospital pharmacy for the same amount that we would pay for a month's worth at any other pharmacy. It might work for Mom's medications, tho'. I should look into that.